“Through education you will end up loving motion in nature, to the smallest detail.”

The process of education is coordinated and controlled by faculty decision makers. The Teacher's Council establishes the structure of the academic year and periodically programs the analysis of didactic activities. The Dean's Office and the Bureau of Academic Council control the implementation of teaching duties done by teachers and students. The dean or vice-dean monthly counters the teaching activities of each teacher. Chiefs of Departments control the timely preparation of analytical programs, calendar planning, compliance with the timetable and confirm, monthly, the presence and achievement of the obligations of each teacher.

The discipline leaders coordinate the thematic planning and application activities expected for seminars, practical courses and pedagogical practice.

Management of the Faculty




University Management



Vice-Dean in charge with didactic activity and quality assurance



Vice-Dean in charge with student problems and material basis



Vice-Dean in charge with scientific research, international communication and academic image

Constantin COTIGĂ


Agricultural and Forestry Technologies

Marius MILUȚ


Measurements - Management - Mechanization

Nr. crt.Nume si prenumeFunctia
1Tudor ALEXANDRUUniversity Professor, PhD
2Aurel CĂLINAUniversity Professor, PhD
3Marin SOAREUniversity Professor, PhD
4Sorin Petruț BORUZAssociate Professor, PhD
5Mugurel COLĂAssociate Professor, PhD
6Gheorghe MATEIAssociate Professor, PhD
7Liviu Aurel OLARUAssociate Professor, PhD
8Radu Lucian PÂNZARUAssociate Professor, PhD
9Vasilică Irinel LINCĂStudent
10Mihaela Cristina MINCANStudent
11Marinela Mihaela POPESCUStudent
Representatives in the University Senate
Nr. Crt Name and SurnameDidactic and Scientific Degree
1Marin SOAREUniversity professor, PhD
2Tudor ALEXANDRUUniversity professor, PhD
3Radu Lucian PÂNZARUAssociate Professor, PhD
4Marius VLADUAssociate Professor, PhD
Agricultural and Forestry Technologies
Nr. CrtName and SurnameDidactic and Scientific Degree
1COTIGĂ ConstantinUniversity Professor, PhD
2PARASCHIVU MariusUniversity Professor, PhD
3SOARE MarinUniversity Professor, PhD
4STEFAN MarinUniversity Professor, PhD
5BONEA DorinaAssociate Professor, PhD
6CICHI MihaiAssociate Professor, PhD
7COLĂ MugurelAssociate Professor, PhD
8CONSTANTINESCU EmiliaAssociate Professor, PhD
9IANCU PaulaAssociate Professor, PhD
10MATEI GheorgheAssociate Professor, PhD
11NEȚOIU ConstantinAssociate Professor, PhD
12NICULESCU MarianaAssociate Professor, PhD
13OLARU LiviuAssociate Professor, PhD
14SĂVESCU PetreAssociate Professor, PhD
15SOARE RodicaAssociate Professor, PhD
16VLADU MariusAssociate Professor, PhD
17BERCEA IulianSenior Lecturer, PhD
18BONCIU ElenaSenior Lecturer, PhD
19CIOBANU AndiSenior Lecturer, PhD
20COJOACĂ FlorinSenior Lecturer, PhD
21COLĂ FloricaSenior Lecturer, PhD
22DOBRE MarianSenior Lecturer, PhD
23OSICEANU MarinSenior Lecturer, PhD
24PĂNIȚĂ OvidiuSenior Lecturer, PhD
25SĂRARU AlexandruSenior Lecturer, PhD
Terrestrial Measurements, Management, Mechanization
Nr. Crt.Name and Surname Didactic and Scientific Degree
1ALEXANDRU TudorUniversity Professor, PhD
2BRUMAR DragomirUniversity Professor, PhD
3CĂLINA AurelUniversity Professor, PhD
4SĂRĂCIN IonUniversity Professor, PhD
5BĂBUCĂ NicolaeAssociate Professor, PhD
6BĂDESCU GabrielAssociate Professor, PhD
7BORUZ Sorin PetruţAssociate Professor, PhD
8CĂLINA JenicaAssociate Professor, PhD
9GLODEANU MihneaAssociate Professor, PhD
10PÂNZARU Radu LucianAssociate Professor, PhD
11POPESCU Cătălin ViorelAssociate Professor, PhD
12POPESCU CristianAssociate Professor, PhD
13CIOBOATĂ MariusSenior Lecturer, PhD
14CROITORU AlinSenior Lecturer, PhD
15GRECU FlorinaSenior Lecturer, PhD
16IOSIF GheorgheSenior Lecturer, PhD
17MEDELETE DragosSenior Lecturer, PhD
18MILUŢ MariusSenior Lecturer, PhD
19STAN IonSenior Lecturer, PhD
20SUSINSKI MihailSenior Lecturer, PhD
21VASILE CristianSenior Lecturer, PhD
22BĂLAN MihaelaSenior Lecturer, PhD
23BUZATU ClaudiuSenior Lecturer, PhD
24ROȘCULETE ElenaSenior Lecturer, PhD

Quality Assurance


is one of the oldest agronomic higher education institutions in Romania, whose existence is attested by Law no. 138 of 25 April 1947.
The educational offer, flexible and dynamic, is represented by study programs at the Bachelor’s cycle, both in the form of DAILY EDUCATION and EDUCATION with REDUCED FREQUENCY according to ARACIS requirements and norms, ensuring the compatibility with the National Qualifications Framework (RNCIS) and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The graduates of the Faculty of Agronomy can deepen and develop specialized knowledge by going through the MASTER and DOCTORAL SCHOOL modules, resulting in the acquisition of top knowledge and skills in the respective fields.

Thanks to the numerous collaboration and partnership relationships at national and international level, the Faculty of Agronomy offers students and MA students the opportunity to study in the partner universities (University Montpellier Supragro – France, Universita’Degli Studi Della Tuscia – Italy, Technological Education Institution of Larissa – Greece, Karadeniz Teknik Universitesi, Marmara Universitesi Istanbul, Mehmet Akif Ersoy University-Turkey, Universidad de Castilla la Mancha Albacete, Universidad de la Rioja, Logrono-Spain, Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria).

During the 70 years of existence of specialized higher education, teachers were forged and were recognized nationally and internationally, and, together with the material base currently available to the Faculty of Agronomy, provide the theoretical and practical training of students, master students and doctoral students at the highest standards.